>Today was unbearably hot. I’m having major headaches the whole day so I decided to end my work day earlier than usual and just chill and laze around while Peaches is still asleep.
But turns out it is hard to chill when the temperature is feverish!  So I waited for the tot to wake up and we happily troop out and buy Magnolia Twin popsies and ate our way out the hot hot weather!

I remember when I was little, my Tatay and I use to hang out and eat as much Twin popsies as we can when my Mom’s not around! (My Mom sells Magnolia products on her bake shop) I never had sore throat or what so I don’t think you’ll get one from eating too much ice cream teehee.

Now, the table has turned. I’m the parent and here is a delighted child happily eating ice cream with me. (difference is I’m not as old as I thought my Tatay was at that time) I then wonder until when will she hold my hand and never care that melted ice cream runs down our hands making it sticky.
She grows too fast. Oh well, for now I just have to relish the moment and have lots of Twin popsies eating contest with her 😉

Magnoli Twin Popsies has two flavors, Orange and Chocolate. I love them both!
How about you?