Chikka has been giving us the opportunity to send free text messages to our loved ones from all over the world since the year 2001 to present. Chikka continues to give us only the best innovations to improve their services. Throughout the years, they developed from a small online community to a large and strong online community that it is today. In fact there are 68 million registered Chikka users and it has become the most used Internet and mobile-based application. Today Chikka has yet again proven their mastery on their services by launching their Small talk, Great Music campaign wherein they will be featuring Filipino artists who are online sensations such as Krissy & Ericka, AJ Rafael (LA based), Ramielle Malubay(San Francisco), Christian Joseph (Sydney) and as a special guest, Marie Digby (from LA & Tokyo). These artists will be online on Chikka’s Ustream Channel every Saturday and will hold a very special live concert with interactive chat (via Chikka of course) for the artists’ fans from all over the world.

Earlier today, Krissy and Ericka started a very successful live concert. This was just a portion of what they did:


Watch out for the next Chikka Live session on May 28 and be part of the first live online concert! 🙂

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