As parents we do everything in our power to protect our children. I myself wrack my brains out on thinking of ways to make Peaches safe wherever we are especially on times that I don’t have my eyes on her because most often than not it’s the time when something bad happens. There was this instance when we were three grown ups in the room plus Peaches. I went to the kitchen to cook and I heard my baby cry. When I looked, she was on her back lying on the matted floor! No one can explain how she fell because no one saw how it happened or why—-no one can tell if she hit her head hard or not. The second time, I was sitting on the lazy boy and Peaches was on my lap. She wiggled until she was down on the floor standing up. She then tried sitting on the floor with me holding on her hands but she slipped and hit her head on the floor. These are the times I hate the most—Peaches hitting her head on the floor. I know that it’s a myth that a child who’s hitting her/his head often would go ‘slow’ on her school age but still.

And have you heard of the 10 year old boy who died in Ateneo? It crushes my heart to hear how he died. No parent deserves to outlive their children especially if they left at an early age, like this particular child. The boy was on his way home and that freak accident happened! I hope the family finds justice and peace.
The accident made me realize that no matter how much we keep our children safe when other people are inconsiderate, reckless and plain stupid, we can never tell.

Please, please mind what you are doing especially when children are around.