How Many of These Things You Know From Childhood?

I remember everything from my childhood and ate them!

I know a lot are missing still but indulge me and tell me which of these awesome stuff you had when you were little 🙂

And what you remember from them?











And for the record I still love Iced Gems (and Peaches too!). I’m still hooked with White Rabbit the soft chewy and milky ones (HELLO, FORMALINE! I know!).

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    • renzalcantara says:

      I also remember those multi colored candies that are wrapped in a thin sheet of white paper. I loved those too!

  1. apette says:

    i also love I WON I WON, where you can get free soldier toys, totsie roll, bobot with free gold rings(gold covered wire), and many more…

  2. renzalcantara says:

    I won I won!!!! that's what I have in mind din te 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by!

    Kisses to Duke and Ate Nanita

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