This is a Press Release from Applabs Digital Studios Inc. and because it’s a Pinoy app they’re selling, I fully support them and I encourage that you do too! 

Read what they have to say about their newest apps: Maddie and Matt Values, Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, and Maddie and Matt’s Safe World.


Parents are the most anxious people in the world when it comes to children. Their main goal is to give what is best for their kids and so the security is tight. They are like bodyguards who keep on following you in all places and their presence can be sensed everywhere.



We know how vulnerable kids are to all sorts of danger that lurks outside the four walls of their rooms. One step forward connotes danger that can get serious at times. That is why most parents are scared about the welfare of their children.

Still, the little ones will eventually go out and explore the world outside. There will come a point where parents are no longer allowed to stay with them all the time. Children should be given the freedom to enjoy things that include learning and playing on their own.

Now the question is: How ready are you to let your children explore this big world?

Our gigantic planet is full of hazards and the chance of encountering undesirable situations is huge. It is fun to see kids learn and play outside the four corners of our homes yet we can’t let them face danger alone.

To prevent scenarios like this, Maddie and Matt’s Safe World suggests that kids should learn how to deal undesirable situations they might encounter. The free educational application educate children about safety techniques through its informative comics that shows siblings Rough Day encounters and how they are able to resolve them.


There are also entertaining mini games such as Safety and Survival Kit, Safety Signs, Jaywalk, and POM (Presence of Mind) that will engage youngsters with awareness and alertness topic.

Your little ones will learn how to deal different situations like meeting a stranger who offer candies, bully classmates, and slipping on wet floors just like Maddie and Matt. They will be able to read different street signs and distinguish the correct remedy to various hazards inside the house as well.

Loosen up and give your child a space to breathe on his own. Arm your children with informative facts that will help them face the hazardous world we are living in right now. In that way, you can prevent yourself from bodyguard like method of protecting your kids.