When our kids are born and the talks about baptism has started, we think of friends and family who are perfect to become our child’s godparents. Often we think of who are closest to us, though this is not a bad thing at all, we also need to consider few other things that I learned will be beneficial for our child in the future.

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Things to Remember When Choosing Your Child’s Godparents

1. The Godparent should be at the right age– simply because it is required by the Church law. The Catholic church calls it age of discretion where the person is normally 16 years of age. Having a young godparent myself, is fun! I’ve spend time with him and his family and we can totally relate since our age gap isn’t that far (well compared to our usual Godparents!). I remember I was in Elementary and he was in College and whenever he gets home from boarding school, I always have gifts from wherever he traveled. Plus I am his first ever godchild and he valued me more. I just thought that I want my daughter to know & spend time with her godparents when she’s already a grown up.

2. According to the Catholic church law, the godparent should have received the 3 Sacraments of Initiation which are Baptism, First Communion & Confirmation. Though no proof will  be asked from you when you apply for your child’s baptism on any Church, it is needed so the Godparents had at least experienced the same thing as you and your child did.

3. Godparents are your child’s second set of parents. So choose someone that you can depend and rely on when worst comes to worst. They are your spare able bodies when you run into trouble along the way.

4. They are your child’s spiritual mentors. Find someone who has the same spiritual understanding as you do or as you want your child to have. The godparents are people that your child should look up to and listen to when they talk about faith, religion and spirituality.

5. It’s best to find godparents that you know will stick around for long. I say this because it is highly recommended that your child’s baptismal godparents will also be her godparents on the next Sacraments that she or he will take.

Any more tips that you can add to these?