My toddler is 2.9 years old and will be 3 by June so it’s really the time for her to try her school for Nursery. Initially we had 2 options- Assumption Antipolo and First Crayon Learning Center.

My concerns for my girl are:

  1. Her readiness to start school and accepting the concept of a teacher as authority
  2. Her social skills are untested and I wanted to make sure that she is not easily bullied
  3. and the type of teaching that is best for my daughter’s way of learning
  4. lastly, she does not wear skirt or dress

I have opted for the First Crayon school instead of Assumption primarily because I think both give the same type of teaching and the tuition. I didn’t want to risk paying almost 80k tuition and then find my daughter refusing to go to school after a week.

First Crayon also offered summer classes for June entrants and it’s called, Introduction to School Set-up… so it was perfect!

As I write this, we are on our 3rd day in class. So far I have doubts and I asked myself a few times if it was a good decision to enroll at the school because of the behavior that my girl exhibited and the behavior her classmates are exhibiting.

Luzy surprised me on her first day in school


No crying, no power struggles. She went in inside her classroom very confident, charming and bright. She’s behaving so well…. so well that it’s her complete opposite when she’s with us. It was an extra ordinary experience seeing her behaving so well and adapting to her teachers so well.

Now here comes the problem… her classmates are not as delighted and cooperative as she is! So the tendency is that the class is delayed leaving her standing alone in the middle waiting for her teachers to pacify all the crying classmates and stop some who wants to escape from the room.

In fairness to the teacher and her assistants, they try so hard to get the attention of the “wanderers” and “crying toddlers”. It sometimes takes them 15-30 minutes before the class can formally start their routines.

Not only that. I often find my girl waiting and waiting and waiting for certain activities to start or progress. Sometimes I can see her frustration and I fear that she might join the rest of the class in being “wanderers and cryers”.

I pity one particular classmate who’s timid and crying and her Mom got really mad at her and shouted at her. It made me think that one should not force kids to go to school when they are not ready.

I wonder if it’s traumatic for them when you force them to.

So here I am wondering if my daughter is in the right class. So far she’s always waiting for the class to start… to progress and sometimes the teacher’s attention is less on her.

For now, my decision is to finish the whole month in her summer class and seriously consider Assumption Antipolo instead.