My parents are in the States and it’s been years since I last saw them.
Tomorrow marks the 4th Christmas Season I spend without them. It’s really sad specially because I am pretty close to both my Mom and Tatay. Sure, we talk over YM almost everyday but it’s different when you’re physically with the people you love. It’s this moment when I wish I have siblings to run for comfort. But no, I am an only child and this is just one of the downsides of being one.

I can still remember how we spend Christmas with our relatives. It was always a blast.
We were a big clan so my aunts and uncles would prepare a program and games
for us. Then when the countdown starts, we all watch the guys light our fireworks!
I remember we used to have the best firework display in our town.
At exactly 12MN of December 25, we heartily eat the food my Mamang (grandmother)
cooks for all of us. It was never a simple celebration.
When Mamang cooks, it’s too grand. (and she’s known for that all over town)
I wish I could tell you more..but that’s enough for now…

I know it’s hard for my parents as well because I know how much they love me and how much they miss me. I can only hope they could feel that I love them more than they do.

So friends, do me a favor. Next time you see your parents hug and kiss them for me.