I was on my second year in college and I went home for Christmas. It was time to meet old friends and talk about the past so I invited my tennis partner for a game or two. After the game, I realized we forgot to bring refreshments. I told him we could go and get some snack from my Mom’s bakery store (It was a bakery with tables and chairs for dine INS) which was a short walk from the court. We ordered and ate our snack and naturally after eating we just stood and left the store. I did that millions of times before because I assume Mom’s employees know me (I’m an only child).

But much to my dismay (and shame), one of the storekeeper ran after us shouting,

“Hoy, di kamo nag bayad!!! Dakpa nyo sila! Dakpa nyo!” (“Hey, you didn’t pay!!! Stop them Stop them!!!)

Of course there was commotion as we were stopped by some of the bystanders. I was literally held up by some guy and my friend (who was gay) was pulled at his shirt! I was so furious I kicked the guy’s foot (the one holding me) and told them who I was.

Luckily, one of my Tatay’s frequent customers who happened to pass by knew who I was.

This settled everything and everyone. It was really humiliating at that time but looking back now, it makes me laugh remembering everyone’s faces when they realized who I was.

Of course my friend and I forgave the storekeeper. She was just doing her job.

In fact, she became my yaya for almost 3 years! (promoted! lol)

This is us *my storekeeper yaya* sometime in 2005 🙂