My Tatay’s so fond of kids, he loves to play with them.
Every December, kids from our town would flock our home every night for some treats from my Tatay. One night he felt the kids needed more entertainment, Oh boy! they were in for a good treat!http://emo.huhiho.com

When the kids arrived that night, they sang their usual christmas carols (I have to hear the same songs every night for over a month!) when they were in the middle of it, my Tatay sprang from the bushes (yeah he was there the whole time, hiding) wearing his halloween monster costume with his loudest “Roooooaaarrrrrrr!”. The kids were so afraid and shocked they ran from different directions! My Tatay had to go at each kid’s house to give their treats afterwards (we live in a pretty small town so..)

We were thinking the kids would not come back the night after but I guess they too liked my Tatay (though they were always expecting some horrible monster to come after them). Then that was the start of my Tatay’s pranks with those kids. I bet they miss him today. No more Santa Rey to trick them.