My mom’s a great cook! I cannot find the exact taste of her dishes to any high-priced restaurants around the metro. She’s simply the best cook for me (and T).
During Christmas, she cooks lengua, kare kare, Tatay’s favorite T-bone steak, Nenita’s Ham, and she also bakes everyone’s favorite, Crema de Fruta! She cooks all these for unexpected visitors, godchildren, seasonal visitors, and to all our employees.

I think all those visitors kept coming back because of Mom’s dishes. It was sort of tradition to them and to us.

One time, Mom told us (tatay and me) not to touch the last pan of crema de fruta for she was going to give it to our parish priest. When Mom left for some christmas party, Tatay and I were watching HOME ALONE 2. We got hungry but couldn’t find anything to eat. We decided to get two slices of Mommy’s crema de fruta and hope she doesn’t open the pan (it was covered with aluminum foil). After an hour, the small slice wasn’t enough, we ate almost half of it.
We knew we were in so much trouble that we transferred the cake to a plastic container and delivered it ourselves to the parish priest.
When Mom arrived she was pleased that we were so thoughtful.
We both got a kiss from her.

Guilty guilty…tee hee.