>My husband and I watched the Pacquiao-Margarito fight at the New Port Theater at Resorts World Manila. The theater was ohhh soo sweet but some unruly people can really ruin it for you. The aircraft style seats are so relaxing to a point that some people became too comfortable for comfort. Remind yourself that a stranger paid for the seat in front of you or the seat next to you. 

I listed the nasty things that happen nearly everytime I go to the movies. I’m sure you have your own stories to tell, here’s mine: 

After paying for  a hefty price for snacks and movie ticket I get: 

1. Parents bringing in kids that get easily bored and decide it’s time to chatter during the climax of the story. I’m not against parents bringing in kids but please make sure the movie is age appropriate and that you are sensitive to other cinema goers when your kids start to throw tantrums. 

2. The person sitting behind you kicks the back of your seat and you turn around glaring and startled and they look oblivious to the fact that they are annoying you. Once is fine, twice is something, thrice or more you turn around and tell him or her to keep their feet to themselves or you’ll cut it off with a blink of an eye (okay, that’s brutal…but you get the picture). Am I the only one who gets annoyed when the back of the seat gets kicked? It makes me dizzy and it’s very distracting. 

3. The GUY sitting on the same row as you are, decided to rock his foot out of boredom or out of God-knows-what. And then the entire row rocks with him! Do you get that? Guys rapidly rocking their foot, sometimes feet. Man, you’re too bored, just go out and dance or whatever. 

4. Friends who talk during the movie. Most often than not, people go to the movies and want to silently watch it and to actually comprehend it. Discussions happens after the show not during. This includes people who comment on every scene…BEEJEEZUS. 

5. People who text- the bright cellphone back light could be very distracting, you know. If you can’t keep yourself from checking your Blackberry of Iphone, go out, leave. 

6. People who receives or makes call inside the theater or cinema -You are absolutely clueless! 

7. Eating loudly. I get that part of the fun of watching a movie is the food that comes with it but don’t be too sloppy to a point that you’re creating noise so please learn how to eat with your mouth closed. 

My husband and I rarely go out on movie dates ever since our daughter was born. So when we do, we hope for a relaxing and peaceful movie experience (and the hopes that our seatmates has etiquette). I’m sure most of us would want a happy and relaxing cinema experience but admittedly that’s just rare nowadays. Better to just stay home, buy a DVD and lounge at your own home.

Furthermore, I hope everyone gets to read and pass on this simple Cinema Etiquette that movie lovers like myself compiled. I could not say more.