Last night we had our traditional family dinner because my MIL was leaving for Europe. MIL personally checked this new buffet at Robinson’s Galleria, the Citybuffet Restaurant. She found out that children below 4 feet will be charged P399 if they eat or share with a parent. The adult buffet costs P499 and yes it’s ridiculous that they charge young children more than half of the price for an adult. My MIL and the manager agreed that we can bring food for my daughter who’s 4 years old because we all know kids don’t eat much on buffet.

Thinking all was agreed, we went to the restaurant in good faith. My in laws were already seated when my daughter and I arrived, dear husband was still out buying food for Peaches. Soon as we were seated, the waiter asked if we’re paying for Peaches and I told her we’re bringing in food for her. The waiter just stood beside our table and not minding her at first, I left to get myself the first serving.

When I returned my MIL was furious and irate because  the lady waiter told her, “Ma’am pag tumikim po yung bata may bayad na agad.”

WOW. Great service. She was so rude and I would have reacted the same way as my MIL did.

The food was so-so and with the kind of service they gave my family, I would not dine with them anytime soon.

Oh and the greens in their salad looked and tasted like it was from yesterday! It was like leftovers from yesterday were added new greens to look fresh but when I digged in the lettuce and whatever it was in the salad was either brown or too soggy.

Their crispy pata looked like lechon kawali and for me it tasted like it was again a leftover and was just deep fried that day. It was really terrible and I hope they improve their food and their service soon.

But for us, never again.