>My MIL invited us to a surprise trip to SM Clark today to watch my SIL perform as she is a member of Poveda’s Hardcourt (Cheerdance). It was a long ride, tiring and at some point boring but Peaches enjoyed the trip as she was so full of energy and had the blast riding the merry-go-round, the train that goes around the entire first floor of the mall, eating new stuff and so on.

Now I’m starting to regret that I chose to have a stay out nanny with a M-F schedule.  Peaches is really becoming so uhmmm bouncy and playful that it’s hard to feel relaxed on weekends (or even on weeknights).
But a part of me says it’s the price I have to pay when I chose to be a hands on Mom.

In this picutre, Peaches is riding what my BIL calls, Chuckie and the “kalesa” (Rickshaw)

It’s battery operated, and the doll with the pink hat actually walks and pulls the cart. The rider needs to navigate the cart so Troy and Pirkko were behind Peaches all the time.

We then tried Magic Pop, a Korean Snack. It was made of rice oats and made into this round yummy stuff with no oil or transfat added.

More photos to come! 🙂