Like most businesses, I like to do an inventory and thorough clean up on my house before the year ends. This is to remind me of the things I need to declutter, to giveaway and or replace. It also scares the hair out of my husband because I have a long list of things to shop for the house heehee. I like to do this  with my assistant helping me because even if our house is small, it can really eat up my entire day going through each room.

As our balcony door is open most of the time (thanks to the cats!), our house can be very dusty if not cleaned well in a day. So a miele canister vacuum might just be in my list of things to buy for the house. I hope it’s not over heating like the one that we have.

With our little space, I came to believe that for us to get new things in the house, we need to clean up and make space. Truthfully, it didn’t sit well at first because I am very emotionally attached with whatever we have (or had). But later, I resigned to the fact that we need to because of the limited space.

Cleaning the house before the year ends comes from a tradition I got from my Mom who’s been doing it ever since I can remember. I guess that’s taking the phrase, “getting a clean slate”, literally.

How about you what are your traditions before the year ends?