Peaches is expected to enroll at St. Pedro Poveda for her Basic Education. Honestly, it just came naturally since my sister-in-law is enrolled at the same school and not to mention it’s so near our house. But then again, given a choice which is better? I know parents like me are faced with these questions and often result to being indecisive on where to enroll their children. I’m not debating anyone, I just want to point out the pros and the cons of enrolling a child in an exclusive or coed school. So, let’s start shall we?

 I’m a product of an exclusive school from Kinder to High school and I can’t say I lacked anything. In fact, I love that my Kinder classmates are my classmates until I graduated from High school which of course resulted to deep friendship, friends you can rely on because you’ve known then half your life and so on.

On the other hand, Troy’s from a Coed school (Coeducational school- meaning boys and girls study together) all throughout and I can assure you that he has many exciting things to say as well.

A college professor once said to me that the single sex grouping factor of an exclusive school can make students more confident and can shape their characters better because everyone can relate to a common ground which is *tadaaan!* gender. It has also been proven on some schools that there are gender discrimination where male students are given more chances and opportunities (in terms of sports, education programs, trainings, etc) than female students so with an exclusive school, this can be avoided.
An exclusive school can also have a more focused,  targeted curriculum and subject electives which will maximize the potential of the students and not to mention broaden their choices.

In a coed school, students have the opportunity to socialize with the opposite sex and thus providing them a nice social background. (This could be the precise reason why exclusive schools have soirée, etc)
It has been said on one of the researches that students are more emotionally, physically and mentally balanced when put in an educational environment where both sexes are present. And that these students can handle themselves well in public.

After covering all these points, it’s still the parents’ choice to whether put their child in an exclusive or coed school. I think what really matters is how the school provides education regardless of its kind.
Know the ins and outs of the school’s education system, their administration, their reputation (that should say a lot), their mission statement (yes, true!).

 >> This just hit me, when you have kids of different genders you can enroll them on one school and driving and fetching them will be easier. I guess that would be a plus on some families 🙂

As for us, we’re still back at preschool and maybe few more years before we are hit hard with this dilemma.

How about you, what’s your take on this?