My daughter likes to write and read a lot so I want her to have a comfortable study area so she appreciates them even more. Living in a condo doesn’t give me much choice but just a small table and chair for her. A bit of decoration and girly touches I know it’ll be an awesome study table for her. But for now, let me share these fabulous work areas for kids that I’ve seen all over the Internet.

study area for kids

So artsy this kind of set up and I think any child will feel inspired to do arts and crafts with this one.

kids work area

I love that this one has built in drawers and huge spaces for books and what nots. I think a study table should have enough room to keep trinkets. I love how this table makes everything so accessible to the kid.


So colorful and happy!  I’m not sure this would fit on any room color though. It has to be a gray or a white room for this study table to fit perfectly.


This is so chic! I love the vintage look of this study table. I’m really a fan of spacious work areas because I don’t want my child to keep on standing up while working on something so everything has to be within reach.

study table for kids

This one’s a very simple study table for boys. What strikes me here is the color coordination and how red, black, white and blue came so well together. I wouldn’t have thought red will work out so well. I had always imagined my little boy to have blue & white color schemes but never red. This one’s interesting!

study table for kids

This study table will work well with boys too if you change the pink color to blue or grey. I love that this one has cute cubby holes on it and again drawers and a possible corkboard there too!


I’m really feeling the urge to decorate my daughter’s study table now. I wish I could paint it (not in this weather though!) because currently it’s sporting a wooden finish which I think does not fit well with her personality. I’ll post after photos when we’re done dressing up her study table.

How about you, what study table designs did you fancy?