As if preparing for my scheduled CS isn’t making us go ga-ga, another offer landed on our plate last weekend. Our OB introduced us to Cord Blood Banking and advised us to know more about it and possibly consider availing.

I have been hearing a lot about Cord Blood Banking for the past years and I know it’s not cheap. But reading about its benefits for my entire family, it would make you think hard about it.

Cordlife Philippines is the most prominent, I’m not sure if there are others, facility that offers Cord Blood Banking services. Looking at their rates, they have affordable payment scheme. Instead of shelling out P40,000 plus plus you have an option to pay it monthly. I’m really not sure how the payment goes because I haven’t talked to any Cordlife representative yet.

My OB though told me I also have an option to donate our cord blood. They will test/ screen me for free (but if you came out positive on any of the tests, you’ll have to pay for the screening) and then harvest my cord blood during operation and then some one needing it will use it!

So, what does Cord Blood Banking do?


There’s a long list of diseases that cord blood can treat but as I said P40,000 plus plus is not some loose change we can cough out anytime. But given the resources, I will definitely get it, for now- I am determined to donate ours!