I was contemplating on collecting stickers from Starbucks to get their 2012 planner but lo’ and behold, I found this cool infographic on how much it would cost you to get a Starbucks 2012 planner:

P2,020-P2,185 for a planner? NO WAY!

I don’t think I need such fancy planner (is it even fancy? or over hyped?!). I can just buy from NBS cheaper and eco-friendly ones or I can just refill the ones I had from last year.

With that amount I can buy lots of things for myself and family. It costs more than a pack of my Mom’s medicine and my sick Aunt’s supplement. Very timely that I’ve seen the info graphic, now I know what not to get for 2012. 😀


***credits: http://www.mymanila.net/ for the ph0to