This is a media player I found called Cozmo TV hosted by Amy Poehler and two others. The show is called SMART GIRLS at the PARTY and talks about interesting stuff that girls do for a hobby, for fun and stuff that girls do just because they are girls!
The show claims to be a serious show but knowing Amy, humor is inevitable. It’s fun watching actually. Here’s a sample:


Initially I thought it was a teeny bopper thing but they do make sense. They have a good intention on getting a message across that there are many interesting things to do. The show can easily inspire other kids to strive to be better may it be in school or in their extra curricular activities.
I like how the show is funny but not corny. I even like the clips on the start of the show where Moms talk about their Barbie experience. It’s like they take you reminiscing the past as well.
I played with the widget and I discovered that you can actually select the episode you want to watch. There’s even a summary posted below each screenies of every episodes. You can get your own widget here
The totality of the show reminds me of teen magazines. It’s graphics, designs and the way the show is presented. Although what makes this show special is that it features common teens, not the usual famous ones that we always see on every printed materials there is.