Who does not dream of a spacious, cozy family living room? If you’ve lived with a toddler on a small condo, that would be dreaming about it every single day. Fortunately in about few weeks from now, we will be transferring to a bigger condo unit (but not big enough) and I’m determined to make a nice family nook at the new place so I scoured the Internet for living room inspiration and design ideas. I did find some that says a lot about my personality and at the same time family friendly.


Living Room Design Inspiration 1

I want huge, inviting and comfortable couches where the kids and I could lounge and watch movies together. I want the living room area to be as child friendly as possible so no sharp edges and no glass tables for us. A nice wooden and modern cocktail table would go perfectly with this design and don’t you just love the Orange and White color combination? It just adds so much life on the room.

Living Room Design Inspiration 2

If you know me personally, you would say that design inspiration 2 is definitely me! I don’t think I would go for a plain, monochromatic design because I easily get bored and I am in constant need of color and vibrancy. Besides that, I believe that a colorful room would radiate a sense of positivism to the people around it. I’m sure kids will love this colorful and playful design!

Living Room Design Inspiration 3

There’s something so majestic and so elegant on this design. It seems so simple yet it exudes so much personality that I think it’s perfect for my family. It’s vibrant and happy like us 🙂 I also love the accent table on this design inspiration, very chic and modern.

Those are my initial “look book” for our future living room and I am hoping for more inspiration and design ideas in the coming days. Living room is an important part of the house because this is where family members relax and bond.

So what’s your most favorite living room design inspiration? Any suggestions?