Peaches is into writing, painting, drawing and coloring. We use all sorts of coloring materials and I am known to try out other brands just for kicks. Crayola’s been tested and proven, I’ve been using it since God-knows when and it works well. Here comes Roseart and I couldn’t resist but try it. In the U.S. Roseart is cheaper than Crayola but in the PHL, it costs almost the same (or more?).  Anyway, I didn’t like Roseart because it leaves clumps and it’s not as smooth as Crayola.

Look at this photo I got online. This person did a sun test with Crayola and RoseArt, look what happened…

Okay so why do I feel scared when Roseart didn’t melt well? And it didn’t even have the decency to melt according to its color! Never again, Roseart.

How about you, what do you think? And which crayon are your kids using?


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Renz Mom to 2 beautiful girls, Peaches & Luzy. WAHM for 13 years and then I opened a small condo and office cleaning business. That's just the start. Follow me as I walk along my entrepreneurial journey. I hope you'll learn a thing or two from my experiences.

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