Cruises may traditionally be a holiday choice for the older generations, but these days they’re becoming increasingly popular with families. The key to success is choosing the right ship and a liner that has a reputation for providing great family cruises packages, such as Celebrity Cruises. From kids’ clubs to children’s menus, here are some of the main things to look out for when selecting a family friendly cruise.


The Right Liner and Ship

Cruise ships vary in terms of what they offer for children and families. “Classic cruises,” on which formal wear is expected at dinner and entertainment options are more traditional, are typically for adults. Contemporary cruses tend to be more family friendly. Contact the liner and ask exactly what provisions are in place for children. You should also find out how many children they typically have on board: your kids are likely to have much more fun if they have the opportunity to make friends.

Children’s Clubs

The best family cruise liners offer children’s clubs for all ages, including toddlers and teens. When you’re searching for a cruise, check out the club options and the kinds of activities your kids could enjoy. Evening parties and discos are always a winner with older children, as are internet cafes and computer games. You should also check how many hours a day the clubs are open and what kind of qualifications the staff have. If babysitting services are offered in the evening, even better.

On-Board Facilities

Makers of a genuinely family friendly cruise include large swimming pools for children and child-friendly evening entertainment. The larger ships have additional activities including multiplex cinemas, climbing walls, wave pools, mini golf, and adventure playgrounds. See whether children would have access to all areas of the ship (except the captain’s controls, of course!) and whether suitable TV channels are available in your cabin.


Dining options vary between ships, with the most formal involving set meal times and menus. Obviously, this won’t always work for children, and the best family-friendly cruises have a more flexible approach to dining. Those with several different restaurants are a better | option. Read the children’s menus and make sure that there’s something on them to suit everyone.

Cruises can make really good family holidays. It’s all about finding the right liner and ship with the facilities to keep your kids entertained. Would you consider a family cruise? What do your kids think about the idea?