Slater Young’s winnings at ABS CBN’s top rated reality show, Pinoy Big Brother, included Crystal Clear products and franchise that Young can open in any area of his choice and is said to be worth 2 Million Pesos. Last October 15, 2012 Slater officially received his franchise and sealed the contract with Crystal Clear’s Asun Soler. The franchise was just one of several prizes Young received as “PBB Unlimited” big winner, which include a P2 million-peso cash prize, an appliance showcase, an Asian tour package and an Internet TV.

Slater Young and Crystal Clear Executives

Slater expressed his gratitude over the many blessings that he received because of his success on the reality show. Although unsure of what the world of glitz and fash has to offer, he managed to convince his family in Cebu to support his new ventures. Slater is from an affluent family in Cebu and has an Engineering degree to boast. This guy is indeed a rare personality on show business with his good looks, brains and willingness to learn new things.

When asked what his future plans are, he excitedly quipped about his desire to hone skills in acting and hosting. He is a cast on an upcoming prime time show with John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo titled A Beautiful Affair which will air soon.

Good news for all Single ladies!

Slater is single and currently not dating anyone. He believes that a relationship can still flourish even if both parties are busy with their respective careers as long as there is constant communication.

It was as refreshing as drinking a cold water from Crystal Clear to have a fun and light conversation with Slater who gamely answered our gentle prodding.

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