I needed a little inspiration and “kikayness” today so I decided to raid Etsy.com and see what cute and girlie finds I can dig up. I love Etsy because the items are unique and of course hand made. I like buying from Mommy sellers because I’m 90% sure it’s a labor of love. Plus of course I know how hard it is to generate income while tending to kids, the house and the husband.

Anyhoo, here are Etsy items I found cute and usable which I ordered and paid via Paypal. I’m sending them over to a US address and will bring them home when we arrive in the US soon.

1. Personalized Combined Drink and Snack Cup by EllerysDesigns

Personalized Combined Drink and Snack Cup

So cute!!! Though they’re too big to fit Peaches’ lunchbox, it’ll be great for playdates, traveling and dine outs.  The seller also has personalized water bottle with flip top for kids which will fit perfectly on any lunch box. This one’s perfect for Peaches because the school requires all things labeled.

2. Child Apron and Smocks for Kids by 4greggkids

Child Apron and Kids' Smock

No more messy shirt when doing artwork! More fun in playing and learning for my Peaches 🙂

3. Personalized Kid Backpacks by PoshyKids

Personalized Kid Backpacks

Is it clear now that I am obsessed with labeling? I hate it when stuff get lost so putting names on it will make it less likely to disappear. Don’t you just love this bag? There are other cute fabric designs too!

4. Girls Dresses

Don’t get me started on these! The fabric designs and colors are so cutteeee I couldn’t pick which ones I like the most so I just posted the photos:

Dolls and Polka dots Peasant Dress by wildthingsboutique1That Dress, That Little Girl - Boutique Little Girls Knot Dress, custom made in Sizes 2t 3t 4t 5 - by Pink Mouse

Deer and flowers...handmade skirt with matching initial t-shirt for girls..available in sizes 12mos to 6yrsRuffled Pillowcase Dress

I could go on and on but sadly, I’ll be bankrupted by then! I wish I’m as creative as these Mommy sellers are so I don’t need to buy any more. Anyway, I hope I gave you little doses of cuteness today!

Happy shopping!


No, this is not a paid post. These sellers have no idea I blogged about their dresses. This just proves that if you want people to notice you, BRING THEM GOOD AND QUALITY PRODUCTS! 🙂