In the Philippines, public transportation are literally everywhere. People has a lot of options if he wants to commute and save gas but in some countries like the United States, car is a necessity. But every convenience has a price, like fuel prices going up, car insurance, maintenance and repair. My father who is living in Los Angeles with my Mom, find repair mechanics over the Internet and reads reviews about them. He told me he can even have his repair charges estimated on the website or call the repair shop to tell he’s coming.

Dad’s raving about the website so he shared the link on his Facebook account and his friends from San Diego and  San Francisco tried it and thanked him. It’s just funny how the oldies talk about high tech websites and why things like these were not available when they were a bit younger.

I checked the website they’re talking about and it was really nice. You can even read reviews about a car you’re planning to buy. The page also comes with an estimate on the services that was recently availed for the car. Very helpful and I suggest that you try it out.