Most of you call it pet names but to me it’s my name for love. I’m referring to the many names we call our loved ones, our children, our friends, etc. In this case, I’m referring to the many names I call my daughter, Peaches. I won’t be shocked that one day she will come up to me and ask if I still know her real name or even her nickname 🙂

I call my daughter babe, baby, tutut, anak, naknak, miss, miswa and whatever cartoon character she fancy at the moment. When my patience is tested, I call her by her real name, CHEREENA, which makes me realize that I use her real name more often than her nickname. When I was little, my Mom calls me ANAK or Nak and uses my real name when she’s mad 🙂

There was this funny moment during Peaches’ first interview for a school entrance exam where the teacher asked what her nickname was and everyone can tell the little girl was really confused. The teacher rephrased the question and asked her what MOM calls her at home, and my smart daughter replied, “Oh, Babe or Baby but you can call me Peaches”. It was really PRICELESS!

In the same way, Peaches calls me Mom, Mommy, and recently Mama. I think she got Mama from her best friend, you know kids are eternal copy cats. I can actually tell if she’s serious, sick or needing embrace by the name she calls me and yes it’s on top of the motherly instinct that Mothers learn.