Kiddo and Dad had a field trip as part of our daughter’s school program.

It was fun seeing them wear same colored shirt (which by the way was required) and take on a trip.

Click read more for some photos they took home with them:

Peaches Day with Dad_00003


Yum gummy bears to avoid nausea.


Peaches Day with Dad_00004

Peaches Day with Dad_00006

uh-oh getting the bored look here. I guess bird show wasn’t that fun.

Peaches Day with Dad_00007

Good thing there’s a giant crocodile she can touch and pose with.

Peaches Day with Dad_00008

Peaches Day with Dad_00009

And seriously, a GOAT?! in a zoo?!


Peaches Day with Dad_00010

If there’s one thing I learned today, it’s that when Moms are not around…kids look like crumpled paper (just look at the photo above!). hehehehhe.