Most of us deal with different kinds of people either at work or at home and the probability of dealing with a negative or difficult person is huge. I learned to deflect or block negative energy and I did it with a lot of practice. A few days ago, my husband came to me and said, “How do you deal with negative people and how do you deflect negative vibes?”

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The answer is a bit long and I decided to do a post about it so I could share with you how I learned to deal with negativity around me.

So how do you deal with a person who diligently sucks the positive energy out of you? 

How do you maintain compassion (not empathy!) towards that person without being sucked in to his or her negative energy?

This is what I do: 

1. Understand where the person is coming from and why such negativity around him or her exist. 

Being compassionate means understanding why the person reacts as such but do not tolerate bad behavior as an excuse. Do not (I repeat, DO NOT) feed his/her negativity. Think of a solution rather than dwell on the problem or issue.

2. Make a boundary for yourself.

It’s a boundary that no one can pierce through. My friends like to think of a big bubble covering them and protecting them from the negative energy around them but I like to think of a transparent wall between me and the person. And oftentimes, I see a negative person as someone who’s inside a jail cell with the negative vibes as his cell that traps him inside rather than me cowering behind a closed circle or a wall. This way, I am able to see the person and still feel compassionate about his/her situation.

One dear friend, thinks of colorful bubbles that surrounds her and protects her. It works for her and it would probably work for you too.

3. Help the person get rid of the negative vibes. 

I didn’t mean fixing the problem or giving solution to the problem because a depressed person has to want happiness to truly have it. What I meant was help the person not think of negativity by reminding him about how great the day was and it was perfect for a walk, or remind him/her about the daughter who graduated with honors, or how about the recent trip he had abroad?

Their mind is clouded and full of sad thoughts that they forgot how lucky they are compared to people who wished to have what they have.

4. Silence.

A minute or more a day is what you need. It’s like rice, you crave for silence. Give in you don’t get fat with silence. I regain my positive energy through my silence and meditation. I started with guided meditation I found in Youtube and then I learned to meditate in complete silence.

When my thoughts are too loud, I deflect it or converse with my thoughts through silence. 🙂

5. Pray. 

There’s no other way but pray. Pray for strength, courage and most of all energy. It doesn’t matter what form of prayer you take so long as it’s your way and it works for you. My prayer time is anytime and of course every night before I sleep.

My friend’s prayer time is with nature- trees, clouds, sun, stars and the moon.

They’re all the same. It’s prayer and it’s accepting there’s someone greater than you are, than us.

I’ve learned that you can’t save the whole world but you can save one soul. It’s either yours or another.