>First let me tell you that hubbie and I never got to meet each other until we were on our last year in college. We were from different universities and our lives are of different waves. Or so we thought.

There was this donut shop I loved to come by every morning to grab breakfast. It was near my school so it was convenient to just sit and people watch while I wait for the final bell. The staff eventually became familiar with me and would know my usual order 🙂 I sit on my usual table and see familiar faces everyday. It was the shop I chose to have my first date (lol, I’m easy to please). And it was on this shop where I had long talks with my college bestfriend. But it was the early morning breakfast that I came to love so much. I don’t know why. It’s like I feel accomplished and satisfied when I’m there sitting alone. Whenever I feel sad, the place perks me up.

Later, the place proved to be significant in my life.

It was on the same shop, of the same time that hubbie grabs his breakfast too. He was sure he has seen me but we were too preoccupied of our own thoughts, we failed to really notice each other. We even talk about the people WE saw on the shop. The usual Korean students who meets up at the shop, the staff that serves us, the couple sitting on the back table.
It was just amazing how we noticed everyone else except each other.
If we could have met earlier, we could have been saved from A LOT of heartaches.
I could have been spared from being a battered girlfriend.
He could have enjoyed life a lot more. (woot woot!)

But then, God has other plans. He wanted us to experience what we had to be a better partner for each other. We couldn’t have learned the lessons any other way.

We just marvel on the idea that our paths had crossed a long time ago and never knew it.

You know when we are together, we always feel accomplished and satisfied. 🙂
Maybe that was the mystery behind the place.

Too bad though, when we were still boyfriend-girlfriend we tried going back to the place but another food chain bought the place and it was never the same.