Did you know that there are different colors that represent each type of cancer? We’ve known PINK as a color for Breast cancer because of the awareness that has been brought to us by supportive Breast Cancer groups but I would also like to share that there are other types of Cancer and being aware of them could help us from being afflicted by any of them.

Here are known colors that represent each Cancer type:

Yellow Bladder,Testicular & Liver
Black Melanoma
Dark Blue or Brown Colon & Colorectal
Light Blue Prostate &Thyroid
Gold Childhood Cancers
Gray Brain
Kelly Green Leukemia & Kidney
Lime Green Lymphoma
Orange Leukemia & Lupus
Peach Uterine & Endometrial
Periwinkle Stomach & Esophageal
Pink Breast
Purple Pancreatic & All Cancers
Red Heart Disease
Teal Ovarian
Teal & White Cervical
Clear, Pearl or White Lung & Bone
Lavender All Gynecological
Burgundy & White Head & Neck
Lt. Pink & Lt. Blue Male Breast Cancer

Early detection is still the best defense on Cancer, or any disease for that matter. The best way to detect cancer early is to check in with your physician about a regular schedule for the appropriate tests, which are able to find cancer long before you have any symptoms. Breast and testes should be self-examined on a monthly basis, so that any changes will be immediately noticed. Especially if you are aged 25 and above.

There are many causes of cancer, and medical professionals are not always sure what triggers this problem. Since the experts are unsure, cancer is difficult to completely avoid, but in many cases you can lower the risk to which you are exposed. For instance, quitting smoking and not living a sedentary lifestyle can decease your chances of getting cancer.

Take care of your health and have a better life. Choose to be healthy and enjoy life!