If that’s how you can describe what I feel.

I recently found out that my beloved YFC-FEU family has grown as we envisioned it to be. And I was glad, Praise God! But what struck me was, the leaders that took over after us, knew nothing of who we (the founders) are. How we fought for recognition at school. How we rallied with other religious organizations to have a place at the campus chapel. How we sacrificied most of our studies for drafting paperworks. And most especially, how we managed to get blessings from the higher Couples for Christ leaders.
NO, I don’t wish to be praised by these younger leaders. All I want, is they extend their hand and know us. Update us. And ask us questions.
What happened was, I met a guy who was a president and I introduced myself. I was SNUBBED.
No reaction. NO hi or hello. NOTHING.
The past presidents were humble enough to invite me and other Senior sisters/ brothers on their activities. And we were glad of course. And thankful.
But this one..this time..It’s pretty disappointing.

Now I wonder if the core values that these leaders should speak of are still practiced.
Or is YFC an excuse to meet girls and boys?

I hope not.