6 months after, we are yet to settle in our new home. I am continually rearranging our furnitures if you can call it that. We don’t have much (as I got rid of them) but the ones left are big and space consuming!
Peaches sleeps on her own bed. You can sleep with her if you want to be kicked and slapped.
My supposed to be work area…

Those are the things I need to give away. I think Aling Glo is just in time for her early christmas gifts.

Look how big our dinning table is..it’s 6-seater. We couldn’t sell it as it was given by T’s mom. IF we only have a choice, we opt for a 2-seater.

Because the dinning table takes so much space, we don’t have room for a sofa. So Peaches had this entire area as her playground.

I will post the after cleaning look later.

What a mess, huh?