Okay, okay not totally but I decided to do the daunting chore of going to the nearest wet market when buying our week’s supply of vegetables, rice, fish and fruits. The rest of the must-buy-stuff for the week, we still get from the nearest Supermarket. I am saving at least P1,000 from our usual weekly expenses when I do the wet market. I bet I’ll save more if I buy all the way from the wet market but there’s just some things I’m not too keen getting from the public market such as meat or poultry – I don’t have a suki yet and I don’t like to see flies feasting on the meat I buy. I feel that we are safer on the Supermarket since we already know few people inside the meat shop. Plus we buy less meat since my husband and I lessened our meat intake (it’s just our 2 helpers and Peaches eating meat).

Honestly, I’m not sure yet if I should buy household items such as detergents, toothpaste, etc at the public market or supermarket because I haven’t been to the grocery section of the market. What do you think?

The best part of going to the public market is being able to buy stuff for Peaches that are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy over priced when I buy it on the supermarket. P1,000 savings per week is not bad, not bad at all!