In one of the Mommy group in Facebook that I joined, there’s a lot of daily motivation and inspirations from fellow Moms and Work-at-home-Moms (WAHMs) but once in a while you can read a Mom’s rant or a post of despair. It’s alright because Moms have to wear many hats everyday and in each role, Moms are expected to be perfect but the truth is, Moms do get tired and cranky.

Moms, remember we can easily lose ourselves if we are over worked and too wrap up with our many responsibilities.

So what’s a busy Momma to do? 

1. Take that rest you need so much

Recognize the need to rest. Your body needs to recuperate from the constant battering it gets. Even on exercise, your trainer tells you to rest in between repetitions.

2. Take A Breather

Take a quick stroll around your neighborhood or wear that headphone and listen to your “comfort” music. Leave the noise of the world and relax in your own thoughts.

3. Strengthen yourself

Eat right and choose to be healthy. You don’t want to feel tired easily because of poor health. Sharpen your mind by reading and informing yourself with the latest updates and recent events. Most of all, keep yourself pretty and fresh at all times. You don’t want to be mistaken as your child’s care taker or worst grandmother. Keep your skin properly nourished and fair.

So what do great husbands do to help tired and cranky wives?

It’s really simple! A little understanding, a pat in the back and a long, nice uninterrupted shower and she’s good as new!

If you’re a husband reading this, please do give your lovely wife her time alone in the shower and surely, she will come out refreshed, recharged and ready for another bout. If you’re one tired Momma reading this, please keep the kids in a safe place and get that much needed shower.

So love the smell

To make the shower time a lot more special and rewarding, use Johnson and Johnson’s milk bath as your body wash. It will make your skin baby soft and smelling so good that your stress will melt away. Contrary to some beliefs, Johnson and Johnson’s Milk bath and Milk Lotion can also be perfect for nourishing Mommy’s skin. Imagine having one brand for you and your baby and still get the best results. You can even use this everyday to ensure proper skin nourishment.


Finding the time to take care of yourself could be hard but it can be done! It’s a worthy goal to strive for.

Please share what your goals as a Mom are and do share tips on how you keep your sanity and still look pretty and gorj!


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