>Since the other day, Peaches has been experiencing intermittent fever and at first I didn’t see any other symptoms as she was still active as ever. The next day, she didn’t have an appetite. Didn’t even ask for milk while she sleep which was very unusual. So I knew it’s more than a viral flu.
I checked for lymph nodes on the sides of her neck and true enough I did find two on both sides. I saw mild sore throat and of course that’s why she doesn’t want to eat. Her fever didn’t go down overnight even after religiously giving her Paracetamol.

The doctor found an ear infection on her right ear (which is due to swimming). He prescribed Peaches strong dose of Amoxicillin as Peaches is now having stuffy nose which could worsen the sore throat.
Doc said no swimming for Peaches for 7 days until we are sure the medicine are working against the infection and so as not to aggravate it.

I am really torn between giving Peaches the high dose Amoxicillin and just leave the infection to heal itself. See, antibiotics have side effects. Especially when taken on high doses. As I am weighing this, antibiotic will present more harm than good. But I’m also afraid that Peaches’ infection might go worse if I do not follow the doctor’s order.

Here’s a nice article about ear infection. Read this and learn more.

As of the moment, she’s still as active and she has gained back her appetite a little, no fever and frankly, I’m satisfied with that.