Earth Hour - Logo

For 2 years, we’ve been doing Earth Hour. Time has changed since the first time I joined Earth Hour. In 2008, it was just me and my husband celebrating Earth Hour. We just turned off all our appliances and people watch for an hour at our veranda. Nothing really special happened except that in our hearts we felt contentment and pride that we took part on allowing Mother Earth to heal herself. In 2009, it was so much different because Peaches was now with us and we celebrated at our new home. Just like the other year, we turned off everything and headed at our condo’s rooftop and watched which part of the city joined our cause and which did not.
Peaches loved the idea that Mom and Dad were with her on the rooftop and though we were just playing. 

This year is the start of a better understanding for her. She can now fully understand why Mom and Dad turn off everything and who Mother Earth is. I am still on the thinking process on what to do later (I am practically in charge of planning things like this). I am thinking something to do with candles and melting crayons but Peaches’ too young for that, oh we’ll see. Or just go up the rooftop and people watch again. 

Again, Earth Hour is more than lights out. It’s also about becoming aware of what’s happening to Mother Earth. It’s also about teaching kids how important it is to respect and love Mother Earth. It’s also about family doing a cause to save or help Mother Earth. One need not go out in the streets or own a yard to plant trees to help Mother Earth. It’s knowing what we can do to help and doing it. 

I’m a Mom above all things so the best that I can do is teach my daughter how to love and respect Mother Earth. I want to teach her young so she can start young (plus at this age, she still think what I say is always right 🙂 )