>I’ve been a very busy Mom! I’ve faced plenty of challenges that I wish I could tell you but I wouldn’t want to bore you of my dramatics. But the best thing that has happened to me is my Holy land trip last December. I will tell you about it on my next post I just want to tell you my friends, that I am still here and I plan to be back 🙂

In case you are wondering about my little princess, Peaches, she’s 2 years and 1 month old now. Growing beautifully and still not failing to surprise me and her Dad with her newly acquired antics! 

 This was taken during our New Year trip to HK
Life’s been great to me and my family and I am really thankful for the year that has been. I’m keeping my hopes high for 2010 and I wish the same to you and your family 🙂 
Probably like most of you, I also have my wish list for this year. I’m not pressuring myself with them but it’ll be a good idea to at least have a goal 🙂 
So bye for now. 
Come back later for my Holy land trip post 😉