Kani sushi roll is an easy peasy recipe to prepare. You can even ask your child to do it with you! A little warning though, when there’s a bad cut on the sushi, you will end up eating each one.

This recipe is super simple and none of the authentic Japanese sushi ingredients such as mirin, shirin, etc. The ingredients I used are whatever I had in my pantry. Try it and then you can adjust to whatever you prefer.

Here’s what you need to make a kani sushi roll:

Rice- if you’re using newly cooked rice, let it cool. I used left over rice!


Japanese Seaweed

Sushi Bamboo rolling mat

Kani or crabsticks


  1. Cut the seaweed into half.
  2. Place half of the seaweed shiny side down on a clean and dry bamboo rolling mat. Make sure you leave 1-2cms of space between the base of the mat and the seaweed.
  3. Fill the seaweed halfway with rice, pat down the rice to flatten it. Then smear a little (or lots!) of mayo in the center of the rice.
  4.  Place strips of kani  from left to right on top of the flatten rice.
  5. Start rolling the bamboo mat and your sushi, gently pressing the sushi towards your direction. Roll the mat until suhi is tightly rolled and sealed. If in case your seaweed does not seal by itself, try smearing little water on it and gently roll.
  6. Let the uncut sushi roll sit for about 3 mins.
  7. Cut the sushi in half then resize it accordingly.
  8. Serve with Kikoman!
It will help if you wipe your knife every after each cut on the sushi to lessen bad cuts. Make sure your knife is sharp enough that you only need one stroke to cut the sushi.