At 5, kids outgrown their chubby cheeks and become the lanky and slim grade schoolers. Most of them loose their baby fats and start growing muscles. Those are a 5 year old’s physical development but how about emotional development?


I grew curious about a 5 year old’s emotional development as I see my own child’s display of various emotions and feelings that are new to me too. These are things that I learned that hopefully will help you understand your child better.

Roller Coaster Emotions

5 year old kids learned all sorts of emotions and are now brave enough to articulate what they feel. It’s common for them to say, “Mom, I am so mad” or “I feel so happy!”. They are also able to empathize and express them too. Like if they see their classmate crying over something, they’ll say “I am sad that you’re crying”.

Showing Independence

My daughter’s very funny and sneaky independence is when she asks for a bottle of milk and I refuse (because she just had lunch! or she drank 2 already),  she’ll sneak on her playroom where the milk and bottles are and she’ll do her own formula and hide while she finishes one.

Other things I can see her doing on her own is dressing up, doing number 1 and number 2, washing hands, taking a bath by herself but with supervision of course. She also loves doing her buttons and mine!

One thing I also notice is that they are easily disappointed when they found out they can’t do things as they thought.

5 year old kids are growing more conscious and more curious each day. Guidance and proper explaining will really help them become great kids!