I got my first and last job by chance. I was referred by a friend at St. Luke’s College of Medicine to be Laboratory Assistant. The initial job offer was to man all laboratory preparations for the medical students’ lab works such as in Microbilogoy, Parasitology, Clinical Pathology and General Pathology. I was promoted as Laboratory Instructor II (Thanks to Dra. Dela Calzada who I believe fought for my promotion) in less than a year. With that my job was not limited on preparation but also on discussing the lab work of the day. I was incharged in creating the lab manuals for the school year (and my name is printed on it too! woot!). My first students were older than me (2-3 years older) but I gained respect somehow. It was never an issue to them that I was younger. I loved my job. I had a lot of free hours, I am treated well by my co-professors (who are all Pathologists), I jived well with my co-employees, and I was paid well. It was with them that I learned teaching is my passion. There were nights (until this very day) I would lie down and think of things I will teach my students, my demonstrations, and how to make things interesting for them.

But sadly I had to quit the job. Don’t ask why. I was forced to. End of story.

I tried getting back on the work force a few months back and I was hired as an English tutor for Koreans. I was trained for two days and my FIL asked me to quit for my daughter’s sake. They didn’t want Peaches left with a Nanny home alone. Well, okay it was for a good cause and I think Peaches needs me. No regrets.
But now, I’ve decided to post an AD on our lobby for my tutorial services. I figured I could steal 1-2 hours when Peaches is taking her afternoon nap. Besides, I’ll just be floors away.
I’ll be posting the AD on Monday and will keep my fingers crossed that someone will respond to it.