>Troy’s youngest sister is for the longest time enrolled in Enopi and last Saturday, her teacher suggested that Peaches come on one of their sessions and try out Enopi. 

I wasn’t able to observe but judging from Peaches’ eagerness, she had fun. She came home with a worksheet on numbers. The teacher then offered another free session this coming Saturday. 

Next enrollment will be this coming August and it will cost us P1,500 /month and the child can choose to attend once or twice a week. You can choose on either English or Math but we are enrolling Peaches with her Tita so that would be Math. 

And yes, Peaches is still taking her daily 3-hour class at SchoolRoom and when Enopi is finalized, she will be taking 1-hour class every Saturday too. Would it be too much? 

Troy said my MIL offered to pay for the Enopi tuition (no need to say she’s pro-Enopi). My fear is that at some point, Peaches will get tired on one of the classes and God forbid it be the everyday classes which obviously cost more—way more than the Enopi class.