>Entrecard: Virus much???


I’ve been an entrecard dropper for many months now. And it was just today that I realized that my (senior citizen) desktop has been acting up for several weeks now because of viruses and spy wares. I didn’t know that I can actually get virii and spywares from simply visitng a blog?
FYI: my CPU broke down the other night and T couldn’t repair it. Luckily, we have extra CPU.

I hope the Entrecard team addresses this issue fast. I don’t want to entirely quit entrecard since I do most of my blog hops through them. And I accessed plenty of really great blogs through them.

It’ll be a waste if Entrecard loses it’s peak because of this virus generating blogs.

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  1. Cathe says:

    >I'm not happy with the Entrecard situation either. I don't think it's entrecard itself but certain blogs and websites that have widgets on there.Be careful of all of the mass drop programs and such.I'm really glad you like my CSi posts. I'll be doing more I promise.

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