>My dear husband forwarded me a nice email about being safe and fighting off abductors and such. Let me share them with you in hopes of spreading this very nice information:

1. The elbow is one of the strongest point of the body. If you’re close enough to your assailant, use it to inflict pain.

2. If a robber demands for your purse or wallet, do not hand it to him instead throw it away. Chances are he is more interested with it than you so he’ll go after it. Then run like mad in a different direction.

3. If you’re ever thrown inside the trunk of  a car, kick the back tail lights and stick your arm out the hole and wave like crazy. This actually has saved lives.

4. When parked on an isolated parking space, do not linger inside the car. Drive and whatever you need to do can wait.

5. If someone is waiting for you inside the car and he’s sitting right next to you and a gun is pointed on your head, DO NOT DRIVE OFF. Rev your engine and ran into anything to wreck the car, your airbag will save you.

6. It’s better to ride on an elevator than walk up the stairs. Stairs most probably don’t have cameras but most of the building elevators are equipped with CCTV cameras. And of course stairs are the perfect crime spot especially at night.

7. IF you have a chance to run away from a gunman, run in a zigzag pattern.

8. Be wary of the usual tricks played by rapists, serial killers, and kidnappers.  One of which is getting sympathy from women and then use that to trap women

9. If you’re being held against your will or being robbed, get as much attention as you can. Like fake a faint, fake a seizer, etc chances are this will get your assailant off guard and will get attention.

10. Finally, use anything you have to hurt your assailant. Use ballpen, nail cutters, cellphones, etc.

These are just 10 things to keep in mind. Be safe everyone!