Exercise, Diet and Bonding with the Loves

Didn’t I tell you my husband is determined to cross lists on his New Year’s resolution? And one of which is to get fit and healthy. It’s not bad, just that I was obliged to go with him and be fit and healthy myself. So we successfully completed a 30-1 hr gym date for a week now. I started cutting back on rice   make that no rice on dinner. Well this makes everyone happy because finally we are one step to living longer.

Exercise is hard. Harder if you have been procrastinating for the past 5 years. So in my attempt to make this endeavor light and happy, I Googled some funny cartoon pics:

My husband can be this clever sometimes


But I am very wise too, like this

I swear, I am not this. PLEASE.BELIEVE.ME.

Okay, I wish it could be this way


Okay, I’ll stop it’s not funny anymore.

Good thing it’s our cheat day today! WAHOOO! Now, off to buy cheat day foodums for the fambam.


Happy Weekend,y’all!


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    • renzalcantara says:

      yeah for the longest time I've been putting health issues aside but this year it's gonna be different 😀 We're not young na.

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