2013 it seems is the year of living healthier!

All my timelines from my Social Media sites are mostly about eating healthy, exercise and diet. If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll also know that I have a love- hate relationship with diet and any strenuous activity.


But I totally get that I need to be physically active if I want to loose weight! This is why my husband and I are swimming several times a week. I find swimming very easy to do but as we all know, a good way to do cardio too. When I was younger, I was a sports fan. I play lawn tennis, badminton, basketball and I run too. I stopped when I became an online gamer (no, not betting! but MMORPG). I also climbed few mountains with friends. I remember owning few pieces of patagonia jacket women that I love to use when hiking.

These are my go to sites when I need a little boost on my exercise routines:

No Equipment? No Excuses: 20 Exercises You Can Do At Home



I hope you find them useful and very simple to do at home.