With a new baby with us, I have been very particular with the cleanliness of our little home. We’re living in a condominium in Ortigas and clean air is always a challenge. In fact, when we try to open our windows and balcony door, dusts and unpleasant smell come in faster than you can say clean air.

My baby girl is super high need, she’s developed skin asthma at 3 months old and it’s hard to manage her when she feels itchy and when she’s uncomfortable.

Luva PureAir Purifier came in just at the right time. It’s a Korean brand of air purifier and I love it!


Here’s what I have experienced using it:

  1. Very effective in filtering out dusts and other nano particles in the air that’s causing skin asthma to my girls.
  2. I no longer smell our breakfast being cooked early in the morning because I guess the Luva PureAir filters it too.
  3. We use it 24 hrs a day 7 times a week and there’s no significant increase in our electricity bill at all. It consumes 4.8 watts (only).
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  5.  Luva Pureair has four functions that make the air you and your baby breathe safe and clean. The processes are Purification, Sterilization, Deodorization and Aromatherapy. The first and only 4in1 functions purifier here in the Philippines will surely shield your family to various diseases. f89fd8d2d80eb6755daeba21aea6cdab_1413250855_3453
  6. Easy to clean too. You can wash the filter and simply wipe the body.
  7. I love the white color as it fits anywhere in the house.
  8. Very light and you can easily transfer it from one part of your home to another. In our case, we put it wherever my baby is!
  9. It works how it said it would! I am very satisfied and I would get one for our other condo unit too.
  10. I recommend it to my family and friends and actually rave about it because I know they won’t be disappointed with it too.

If you want to get a hold of this great investment for your family, or you simply want to know more about Gwell Luva PureAir Purifier visit their social media accounts:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LUVA-Pureair-Philippines

Instagram: @luvapureairph