I always make sure my toenails are flip flop ready! Que Horror to see pretty summer sandals with dirty toe nails….I’m sorry but it just is. So please ladies, make sure you keep your toe nails clean. At least clip it nicely.

But if you want to be in for a treat and come out with posh and gorgeous toe nails, visit Posh Nails. I’ve had a chance to try Posh Nails Branch in Connecticut and the attendants are so nice. They took extra care of my nails because I am pregnant.

I’m also particular with how the tools are handled and cleaned. I was told that each tools used for each clients are sterilized properly so that was a huge plus for me.


My friendly nail attendant was very gentle with the pusher too and my toe nails didn’t end up like butchered meat— which was my fear when I first stepped in.

I tried Posh Nail’s summer themed treatment called Tropical Citrus. That’s foot spa with a relaxing massage and scrub with the yummy citrus scent plus of course pedicure with polish. If you want to try it, just ask about the Tropical Citrus treatment because I know it’s offered only until supplies last.

Tell them you’ve heard about it from me!