Today, June 17,  is the official start of my little girl’s first day in Kinder 2 and I’m really looking forward to the things we will both learn together. Things are looking good for this academic year. Our parent class representative created a Yahoo group for us and she’s been very helpful with quick updates and reminders. I also agreed to be part of the text brigade team (so I’ll be one of the first parent to know-teeehee!).

Aside from the school activities, I want my little girl to have other courses to attend to especially since she was not able to attend any during the summer season. Based on her inclination and interest, the possible extra curricular activity she might enroll to are:

1. Ballet class- Halili Cruz School of Ballet 

Her school is offering this course and it’s classes are conducted within school premises so it’s very convenient for us. Plus she has been to their class Summer of 2012.

2. Gymnastic class- Club Gymnastica

My SIL’s been attending classes in Club Gymnastica and I’ve read really great reviews from them. I might enroll her on a once a week class. Here’s a summary of classes from Club Gymnastica:



3. Sports – Tennis

I can teach her but I really have no patience hehehe so I prefer a coach to train her. I haven’t found the best coach and venue for her yet but this is a super low priority class since we’re in the rainy season and probably classes will be often suspended.


4. Music- Ryan Cayabyab School of Music at Robinson’s Galleria

I know that they have the best studio equipment and they will surely teach Peaches well.


5. Baking class- The Tiny Kitchen

They offer a basic class that fits well with Peaches 😀


How about you what are your kids’ extra curricular activities this year?