Luzy, our youngest, is very active and curious. We’ve been supporting her by helping her “burn” her energies off. I have ever since been mulling about accidents because of how rough and energetic her games are. A few days ago, my scary thoughts came to life.

Luzy was jumping on the bed singing that nursery song about 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and I guess you know what happened to the song…well, that happened to her. Unfortunately, she hit her head at the edge of our footstool and suffered a deep cut at her left eyebrow. It looked so bad we didn’t think twice bringing her to the nearest ER.

She cried of course but not for long. On the way to the ER, she was her bubbly self again while her Dad’s trying his best to bring us to the ER fast and safe.

The ER residents confirmed our fears. Luzy needed stitching up and she has to go under general anesthesia so they can fix the laceration better because the cut was angular and stitching it up will look really bad when the wound heals. The ER resident offered a plastic surgeon instead and explained how uncooperative children are especially at 2 years old.

Luzy post operation

We deemed it as the best decision. It was scary for us though because Luzy needed to be under general anesthesia and inside the operating room for the stitches. It’s pretty minor if you think of it but as a Mom or as a parent, it’s really scary and hurting when you’re there with your child.

Right after surgery, I was called inside the OR because they’re waking her up and they wanted me to be the first person Luzy see’s. I was at her bedside at the recovery room with her doctors and they were reassuring me and telling stories of lacerations they’ve stitched. They were telling me they get it all the time. There’s even one or two kids who come back often with different lacerations. Even the two male doctors showed off their “battle scars”.

All’s well though a week after her operation. She’s back to her normal naughty and active self. I guess the hardest part is managing her wound, post operation.

Luzy-eyebrow laceration

There are times that she wakes up at the wee hours because she wants cuddle, we thought it was because of the pain she’s feeling but the doctor said she shouldn’t be feeling any at this point. I guess it did scare her a little bit and it’s giving her night mares.

Through all these, we are glad we have Maxicare as our HMO (health maintenance organization). They covered 100% of our hospital bills (ER, operation, PF of 5 doctors, lab fees, room fees, etc). If not we would have shelled close to P100,000 or we would have just chosen a regular stitching for Luzy.